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Dr. Serizawa is a somewhat stoic individual with a deep respect for the organisms he studies. He is very critical of the human race, particularly towards their attempts to dominate the planet and their scant regard for the rest of nature. His father taught him the value of mankind co-existing with nature and the harmony needed with nature at a young age.

Though he is secretive about his past, he loved and respected his father Eiji, so ever since he died, Ishirō keeps his father’s broken pocket watch as a keepsake and reminder of humanity’s hubris at Hiroshima. He believes Godzilla’s existence is in the good of nature, as he appears to restore balance when it is disrupted.

After the events of , Serizawa is a more respected figure in the world as governments look to him as the leading authority on the Titans. Being a reserved person, his interests include the works of the composer Wagner and poet Matsuo Bashō. Despite being considered royalty in the ranks of Monarch due to his father being one of the agency’s founding fathers, Serizawa chooses not to carry a title as he doesn’t believe in a higher order, only in an equal balance.


Godzilla: Awakening

In , Ishirō visited his father in Tokyo when he called him urgently. Eiji began telling him things he said he would tell him when he was older: That he didn’t work for a cargo company and in reality worked for a secretive government unit. Then Ishirō learned about Shinomura and Gojira. He attended his father’s funeral the next year in and was approached by his father’s old friend, Shaw. Knowing why Shaw’s there, Serizawa said he’s ready and joined Monarch.


In the late 1980s, Serizawa was introduced to Landsat employee Rick Stanton by colleague Dr. Houston Brooks, as whispers of the secret mission to Skull Island piqued Stanton’s curiosity. Knowing a true believer when he sees one, Serizawa offered Stanton a job at Monarch shortly afterward and Stanton joined in . In , during a speaking engagement at Oxford University, Serizawa noticed paleobiology doctorate candidate Dr. Vivienne Graham. She joined Monarch two years later and Serizawa became her mentor. Impressed by her talent and passion, their dynamic evolved into a close partnership. In the same year, Serizawa and Dr. Graham are called to the Philippines to investigate a collapsed mine. There, they discover the skeleton of a long-dead member of Godzilla’s species along with two giant spores, one of which has hatched.

In , Monarch detected a sonic pulse wave signal originating from Boston similar to a previously recorded Titan song. Believing the signal to be the sign of a new Titan emerging, Serizawa, Dr. Graham, and a field team are dispatched to investigate. They follow the signal to a lab at MIT and find Drs. Mark and Emma Russell testing their prototype of the ORCA, a potentially revolutionary device that could change the face of interspecies communication. Two years later, as the couple continues to make breakthroughs with their research, they are both brought into Monarch.


Nature has an order. A power to restore balance. I believe he is that power. „ 

— Ishirō to Ford Brody, about Godzilla

JanjiraMUTOAdmiral Willian Stenz

After discovering that Godzilla has resurfaced, Serizawa believes that he has risen to kill the MUTO, which was his kind’s natural enemy. Serizawa is proven correct when Godzilla swims underneath the Saratoga and confronts the MUTO in Honolulu. After Godzilla and the MUTO both leave Honolulu, Serizawa begins studying the MUTO’s echolocation patterns more carefully. Serizawa concludes that the MUTO was communicating with a female –the dormant spore – which at this point was moved to a nuclear waste repository in Nevada. A team of soldiers is sent to the facility in Nevada and discovers that the female has hatched and is attacking Las Vegas.

When the military forms a plan to lure all three monsters offshore and try to kill them with a nuclear warhead, Serizawa protests, claiming that the bomb will have no effect on the monsters and that Godzilla is only there to kill the MUTOs and restore balance. Serizawa’s pleas fall on deaf ears however and the military carries out the plan, which fails after the male MUTO steals the armed warhead and delivers it to the female at their nest in the center of San Francisco. After this, Admiral Stenz agrees to Dr. Serizawa’s plan to withdraw military effort to destroy the MUTO and let Godzilla handle them. After Stenz refocused military efforts to extracting the bomb, Serizawa tells an extraction team that the MUTOs have likely laid eggs underground and are keeping the warhead there.

After the battle, Serizawa and Graham gather around the seemingly dead body of Godzilla in the ruins of San Francisco. When Godzilla stirs and returns to the ocean, Serizawa looks up in joy as the monster he has dedicated so many years of his life to studying returns to his home in peace.

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

Sometimes, the only way to heal our wounds is to make peace with the demons who created them „ 

— Ishiro to Mark Russell

Several years after the reveal of Titans to the world, Serizawa, Graham, and Sam Coleman are invited to Washington D.C. to speak to the congress about whether Monarch should fall under military jurisdiction. During the meeting, Serizawa and his colleagues were informed that Emma and Madison Russell had been abducted and decided to recruit Mark Russell to help with the rescue mission.

When Godzilla became too close to Castle Bravo, Serizawa and Mark insisted Diane Foster to not attack. Shortly after, Godzilla swam to Antarctica with Monarch in tow. It is there where the team witnessed Emma destroying Outpost 33 to awaken Ghidorah, who then had a brief battle with Godzilla and much to Serizawa’s horror, devoured Graham.


Serizawa – once again much like Yamane – subscribed heavily to the cause of science. This pursuit of knowledge led to his creation of the Oxygen Destroyer; however, he also acknowledged the severe risk his creation could pose were it to become yet another weapon in humanity’s arsenal, and thus remained steadfast in his desire to avoid using it against Godzilla.

In the end, Serizawa’s fear of the consequences for weaponized use of his oxygen studies pushed him to destroy all of his notes and commit suicide. Mainly because he felt that as long as the blueprints to said studies remained in some way, shape, or form, even mentally, he could be coerced into using them again, something he couldn’t morally allow.

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Godzilla Against Mechagodzilla (Stock footage)

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In Godzilla, Dr. Daisuke Serizawa was a young colleague of paleontologist Kyohei Yamane, betrothed to his daughter Emiko Yamane, and friend to Hideo Ogata. He saw active combat during World War II and was wounded in battle – his eyepatch is worn due to wartime injuries described by Ogata only as “a terrible scar”.

After the war, Dr. Serizawa, a scientist, studied elements and their effects on other objects and organisms. He eventually discovered a new element: “micro-oxygen” that could create a destructive chemical reaction that liquefied living tissue through reaction with oxygen atoms. He was initially horrified by the destructive potential of his “Oxygen Destroyer” but chose to continue researching it, confident that he could develop it into something that would benefit society. Meanwhile, he kept its existence secret from everyone, even Emiko and Ogata.

Shortly after the first sightings of Godzilla, a journalist approached Emiko seeking an audience with Serizawa. The journalist explained that a contact in Switzerland had heard from a German scientist that Serizawa’s research could hold the key to the monster’s defeat, but Serizawa insisted that he had no German colleagues and apologized to the journalist, who left Serizawa and Emiko alone together.

Emiko had intended to confront her fiancé about her love for Ogata, but before she could, Serizawa decided to reveal his secret experiments to Emiko. After shocking her with the horrific effects of the Oxygen Destroyer, he swore his fiancé to secrecy, explaining that he knew that the world was not ready to know of such a terrible weapon. He remained in his lab during Godzilla’s subsequent attack on Tokyo, continuing his research.

Emiko soon returned to Serizawa’s lab with Ogata in tow, hoping to convince her fiancé to use the Oxygen Destroyer against Godzilla. Serizawa adamantly refused, maintaining that his weapon would only begin a new age of terror once the world saw what it could do. He scuffled briefly with Ogata in defense of his decision, but soon relented and helped Emiko as she bandaged the minor wound Ogata had received during the fight. Serizawa insisted nevertheless that he could not use the weapon even once. If his device were used to destroy the monster, he reasoned, the world would not be safe from its power as long as Serizawa was alive; his human weaknesses would be exploited by powerful people to force him to reveal the weapon’s horrible secret.

Serizawa changed his mind after viewing a television report that showed the devastation Godzilla had brought upon Tokyo and the suffering of the city’s people. Shaken by the utter destruction, Serizawa finally agreed to use his device, but warned Ogata that he would only use it once.

Serizawa had every intention to make certain that the secret of his ultimate weapon would remain secret. He burned all of his research concerning the device and insisted he accompany Ogata on the dive to find Godzilla and deploy the Oxygen Destroyer. When they found the monster on the seabed, Serizawa activated the device and signaled for Ogata to return to the surface, waiting until Ogata ascended before cutting his own line and dying with Godzilla. With the only prototype of the Oxygen Destroyer detonated, his notes destroyed, and his own life at an end, Dr. Serizawa hoped to ensure that no one would ever discover the same terrible power he had just unleashed. His last wish, relayed to Ogata through the diving helmet’s microphone, was for Ogata, Serizawa’s erstwhile romantic rival, and Emiko, now released from her engagement to Serizawa, to find happiness together.

Godzilla Raids Again

Serizawa was briefly mentioned during the sequel to the 1954 film. Dr. Yamane, a returning character from the prior film, would state that there was no way to kill Godzilla, as Serizawa had died and burned the notes for the Oxygen Destroyer’s formula.


Vivienne Graham

Serizawa and Vivienne Graham are two intellectuals who are the guiding force behind Monarch. After he recruited Graham into Monarch, Serizawa noticed her brilliance in paleo-forensics and fossil analysis. He also likes how she challenges him with her scientific focus.

Serizawa and Graham continued to work together when Monarch revealed itself to the world and when their colleague Emma Russel and her daughter Maddie were abducted by Alan Jonah. During the confrontation in Antarctica, Graham was devoured by Ghidorah and Serizawa was utterly saddened by her death.

William Stenz

Understanding of Stenz’s job and position in ensuring the safety of civilians during the MUTO crisis, Ishirō respects him enough to tell him about his father’s pocket watch. Even though Stenz doesn’t always listen to him on how to deal with the MUTOs, Serizawa sees the admiral as a reasonable man and the two share a mutual respect.

Уход за сериссой в домашних условиях

Сериссу нельзя назвать растением для цветоводов-новичков, так как она довольно капризна и требует к себе большого внимания. При её выращивании в квартире следует придерживаться нижеприведённых рекомендаций.

Освещение. В течение всего года деревце нуждается в ярком освещении, но не выносит прямые полуденные солнечные лучи. При его размещении оптимальным вариантом станут окна западного или восточного направлений. Хотя и здесь с октября и до марта ему потребуется дополнительная досветка фитолампами, иначе оно не только перестанет цвести, но и частично сбросит листья.

Следует отметить, что одной из трудностей при выращивании сериссы является её чувствительность к изменению источника освещения и направления на него. Её нежелательно часто перемещать или переставлять с места на место. На такие действия она отреагирует осыпанием бутонов и листьев.

Температура. Летом растение комфортно себя чувствует при умеренных температурах, лежащих в пределах 20 – 25 °C. Зимой ему необходимо обеспечить более прохладное содержание, но не перебарщивать с этим. Хотя деревце способно выдержать кратковременное воздействие отрицательных температур (до минус 5 °C), лучше не допускать падения столбика термометра ниже отметки +10 °C.

С середины весны и до начала осенних холодов сериссу желательно держать на свежем воздухе – на балконе или в саду.

Полив. Серисса очень чувствительна к режиму полива. Она плохо переносит как переувлажнение, так и пересушку. Чтобы не ошибиться в данном пункте, следует ориентироваться на состояние земляного кома: как только его верхний слой немного просохнет, почву снова следует обильно увлажнить, не допуская при этом застоя воды.

Влажность воздуха. Деревцу требуется высокая влажность воздуха, которую можно повысить регулярным опрыскиванием, размещением рядом с растением небольших ёмкостей с водой или комнатных фонтанчиков. Наилучшим вариантом будет использование бытовых парогенераторов, особенно в сухое и жаркое время года.

Обрезка. Это одно из немногих растений, которое хорошо переносит формирующую обрезку. Такое свойство сериссы послужило, в частности, её популярности для создания композиций в стиле бонсай.

Почва. Для выращивания сериссы подходят рыхлые, питательные, нейтральные почвы. Опытные цветоводы рекомендуют следующий состав: глинисто-дерновая, торфяная земля, крупнозернистый речной песок, взятые в соотношении 1:1:2. На дне горшка обязательно нужно сформировать хороший дренажный слой из керамзита, защищающего грунт от переувлажнения.

Подкормка. Растение хорошо воспринимает медленно действующие удобрения для сенполий (в форме «палочек»). Можно использовать и комплексные удобрения для цветущих растений, разведённые в 4 раза относительно рекомендуемой нормы.

С весны и до конца лета подкормки проводят раз в две недели. Осенью и зимой при прохладном и тёмном содержании их прекращают. Однако если используется дополнительная подсветка, и деревце продолжает цвести, его удобряют по прежней схеме.

Пересадка. Пересаживают сериссу раз в 2 – 3 года ранней весной. Если корни слишком разрастаются и уже не помещаются в горшке, их слегка подрезают. Как показывает опыт ценителей стиля бонсай, эта процедура не наносит большого вреда самому растению,

Размножение проводят неодревесневшими черенками, на которые весной отрезают верхушечные части побегов с 3 междоузлиями. Срезанные веточки укореняют в подготовленном субстрате, используя мини-теплички с нижним подогревом.

Вредители и болезни. Основной вредитель – белокрылка. Для борьбы с ней бывает достаточно тщательно промыть крону деревца под тёплым (около 45 °C) душем. Если эта мера не помогла, растение обрабатывают Актарой, Конфидором, Актелликом или другими химическими препаратами схожего действия.

Из заболеваний самые часты и опасные – корневые гнили. Их развитию способствует постоянное переувлажнение почвы. По этой же причине у деревца начинают чернеть листья.

Кроме того, из-за слишком сухого воздуха или недостаточного полива, жары или холода, перестановки горшка с растением на другое место, серисса теряет листья.


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  • “So, who wants to have their face smashed in?” (when entering a battle)
  • “Don’t underestimate me you *beep*ing bastard!” (when entering a battle)
  • “Someone throw in the towel!” (when entering a battle with low HP)
  • “Body blow, body blow!” (when attacking)
  • “One, two!” (when attacking)
  • “Ciao!” (when summoning a Persona)
  • “Get ’em!” (when summoning a Persona)
  • “Persona!” (when summoning a Persona)
  • “Asteria–!” (when summoning Astria to cast Twinkle Nebula)
  • “Everyone! Get in! Get in!” (when using Fusion Spells)
  • “Alright, go!” (when using Fusion Spells)
  • “Go get ’em!” (when using Fusion Spells)
  • “K.O!” (after winning a battle)
  • “I am the champion!” (after winning a battle)
  • “Why does everyone around me have to be like this?” (rare victory quote)
  • “Bring me back a hunk of a man!” (rare victory quote)
  • “You left your body wide open!” (rare victory quote)
  • “Mmm… I feel refreshed!” (rare victory quote)
  • “Not good!” (when retreating)
  • “Run away! Run away!” (when retreating)
  • “Uhhhh!” (when KO’ed)
  • “Was my guard down…?” (game over)
  • “And I wasn’t even married yet…” (game over)

Joker UlalaEdit

  • “You finally get it?… YOU’RE the one I wanna kill, Ma-ya! Ahahahahahaha! (Before Intiating Battle – First Option)
  • “You idiot! Don’t you get it…? YOU’RE the one I wanna kill, Ma-ya! Ahahahaha! (Before Initiating Battle – Second Option)
  • “You piss me off!” (Contact)
  • “You can’t escape, Ma-ya!” (Escape)
  • “Take that, that, and that!” (Normal Attack)
  • “Hah, hah!” (Normal Attack)
  • “Ciao!” (Casting Maha Garula)
  • “It feels good!” (Casting Maha Garu)
  • “The voices…!” (Casting Pulinpa)
  • “DIE!” (Casting Gigantic Fist)
  • “Joker–!” (Using Old Maid)
  • “Aghhhhh!” (Defeat)
  • “Ahahahahahahha! It’s FATE!” (Player is Defeated)


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  • Godzilla – Comic-Con 2012 Trailer

  • Godzilla – Official Teaser Trailer

  • Godzilla – Official Main Trailer

  • Godzilla – International Trailer

  • Godzilla – Asia Trailer

  • Godzilla

  • MUTO

Cast and characters
  • Joseph Brody (Bryan Cranston)


  • Sandra Brody (Juliette Binoche)


  • Ford Brody (Aaron Taylor-Johnson)


  • Elle Brody (Elizabeth Olsen)


  • Sam Brody (Carson Bolde)

  • Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe)


  • Vivienne Graham (Sally Hawkins)

  • William Stenz (David Strathairn)

  • Gareth Edwards

  • Thomas Tull

  • Jon Jashni

  • Mary Parent

  • Brian Rogers

  • Max Borenstein

  • David Callaham

  • Patricia Whitcher

  • Alex Garcia

  • Yoshimitsu Banno

  • Kenji Okuhira

  • Seamus McGarvey

  • Owen Paterson

  • Bob Ducsay

  • Sharen Davis

  • Jim Rygiel

  • Alexandre Desplat

Godzilla: Awakening
  • Godzilla: Awakening

  • Godzilla

  • Shinomura

  • Godzilla: Awakening

  • Godzilla: The Official Novelization

  • Godzilla: The Art of Destruction

  • Godzilla: With Light and Sound!

  • Godzillaencounter.com

  • Godzilla Encounter App

  • Godzilla Encounter

  • MUTOResearch.net

  • Godzillamovie.com

  • Godzilla-Movie.jp

  • Godzilla.jp

Toys and games
  • Bandai Creation’s Godzilla 2014 Toy Line

  • Jakks Pacific’s Godzilla

  • NECA’s Godzilla

  • Godzilla: With Light and Sound!

  • Godzilla: Smash3

  • Godzilla: Strike Zone

  • Godzilla: Crisis Defense

  • S.H. MonsterArts

  • Godzilla Eggs

  • Battle Spirits

  • Godzilla (2014 video game)

Partners and sweepstakes
  • Snickers

  • FIAT

  • Mikado

  • Sweepstakes

Scrapped content
  • Rokmutul

  • Pterodactyl

  • Unnamed multi-legged monster

  • June, 2012 screenplay

Godzilla: King of the Monsters
  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters
    • Gallery
    • Videos
    • Soundtrack

  • Godzilla


  • Ghidorah


  • Mothra


  • Rodan


  • Methuselah


  • Scylla


  • Behemoth


  • Leviathan

  • Jinshin-Mushi


Cast and characters
  • Mark Russell (Kyle Chandler)


  • Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga)


  • Madison Russell (Millie Bobby Brown)


  • Rick Stanton (Bradley Whitford)


  • Ishirō Serizawa (Ken Watanabe)


  • Vivienne Graham (Sally Hawkins)


  • Alan Jonah (Charles Dance)


  • Sam Coleman (Thomas Middleditch)


  • Jackson Barnes (O’Shea Jackson Jr.)


  • William Stenz (David Strathairn)


  • Ilene Chen (Zhang Ziyi)


  • Ling Chen (Zhang Ziyi)


  • America (Mexico, Boston)

  • Antarctica

  • Asia (China)

  • Michael Dougherty

  • Thomas Tull

  • Mary Parent

  • Max Borenstein

  • Alex Garcia

  • Godzilla: Aftershock

  • Godzilla: King of the Monsters – The Official Movie Novelization

  • The Art of Godzilla: King of the Monsters

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